Funder Survey

Freedom from Violence: A Funder Survey


The Collective Future Fund (CFF), in partnership with the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), is conducting a survey of funders and donors who make financial investments to advance freedom from gendered, sexualized, and racialized violence.

Freedom From Violence is one of the first of its kind to explore grantmakers’ approaches, strategies, and impact as it relates to gender-based violence investments and other non-financial resources provided to the field. This confidential survey is part of a larger landscape study report by Collective Future Fund. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

CFF is conducting a landscape analysis to learn more about philanthropic funding to end gender-based violence in the U.S. There is little available data on this topic, and this survey will fill in information gaps. The information from this survey will be used to develop CFF’s strategic priorities and technical assistance initiatives.

Yes, this survey is confidential. This means that we will not include identifiable information in the final report, presentations, and other products. We will not publish survey results with your or any other survey participants name. Only the research team has access to individual survey responses. Your information will be stored securely.

We plan to share the results with all respondents and with various audiences over the next year. All results will be shared online, in virtual meetings, and in-person gatherings. Printed materials will be available for download on our website for you to reference.

Your organization should decide how best to represent its work, and this may include having different teams complete the survey. We recommend the project officer/grants administrator who works most closely with grant award recipients take the lead in answering these questions so that the answers reflect day-to-day operations. If this is not possible, we encourage you to discuss your answers with the project officer/grants administrator who works most closely with grant recipients.

We define freedom from violence broadly and it includes funding geared toward services, advocacy, technology and so forth. This could apply to domestic violence, gun violence, child abuse, police brutality, and so forth.

For the purposes of this survey, we define safety grants as any grant or investment made to an organization to support their programs, policies, and campaigns to prevent or end violence, and create a world where everyone lives free from violence. Some examples might include: violence-prevention curricula, advocacy to end criminalization of survivors, housing and economic security initiatives, healing and leadership support for survivors, mutual-aid to increase safety, culturally-responsive programs to address domestic or sexual violence, elevating voices of survivors in policy, etcetera.

This survey can take as little as 20 minutes, or up to 45 minutes. Our sincere hope is that funders and donors will put the time it takes into perspective relative to the kinds of requirements funders commonly ask of grantseekers.

If you are interested in adding your voice to the landscape study but would like support in taking the survey, please contact our research team at

A list of the survey questions is available as a PDF here.

Landscape Study Circle

CFF’s Landscape Study Circle members provide strategic direction and input into the design and creation of the project:

Andrea J. Ritchie, Co-founder of In Our Names Network and Interrupting Criminalization

Joanne Smith, Founding President & CEO, Girls for Gender Equity

Judith LeBlanc, Executive Director, Native Organizers Alliance

Maheen Kaleem, Vice President of Operations and Programs, Grantmakers for Girls of Color

Mimi Kim, Founder & Executive Director, Creative Interventions

Mónica Ramírez, Founder & President, Justice for Migrant Women