One Fair Wage

One Fair Wage is a national organization led by women of color that build power with survivors of sexual harassment/assault in the service sector and organize their voices to frame the debate over raising the minimum wage to one fair wage for all workers. Survivors’ stories will educate employers, policymakers, and the public on how […]

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Just Associates (JASS)

Convening survivor-focused #metoo organizing efforts in the Global South, with particular focus on movements like South Africa’s #totalshutdown, reflection on the power of political participation through the What Women Want campaign in Zimbabwe, the experiences of garment workers’ and their engagement with the International Labour Organization in Cambodia, and women fighting for democracy and livelihoods […]

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National Women’s Law Center

Advancing transformational policy change and institutional reform that forwards race and gender equity and builds women’s power in the workplace and elsewhere, by leveraging the 2020 public conversation to uplift key principles for harassment law reform, through civic engagement, and amplifying messages through a powerful network of allies. […]

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National Domestic Workers Alliance

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the nation’s leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of domestic workers in the United States. Founded in 2007, NDWA works for respect, recognition, and inclusion in labor protections for domestic workers, the majority of whom are immigrants and women of color. NDWA is powered by […]

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me too. International

me too. International serves as a convener, innovator, thought leader, and organizer across the mainstream and the grassroots to address systems of violence. ‘me too.’ centers the lived experiences of Black, queer, trans, disabled survivors of color, and is exploring the non-linear, holistic healing journey of survivor hood, survivor leadership, and survivor-led organizing to connect […]

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Justice for Migrant Women

Justice for Migrant Women (JMW) works to transform systems of power that currently oppress and disenfranchise migrant women, including farmworker women and survivors of gender-based violence. JMW will build power through workplace organizing, policy advocacy, and creative public education campaigns. JMW has developed a new healing model for engaging and empowering migrant women, and is […]

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