Waking Women Healing

Waking Women Healing works to protect against, heal from, and illuminate acts of settler colonialism that result in violence against Indigenous women/girls/2spirit, Water, and Mother Earth through restoring traditional Matriarchal roles, governance, and Eco Systems of Care that will ensure the health of mind, body, spirit, and emotion for our 7th Generation. […]

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Black Girls Restored

Black Girls Restore(d) develops Black girls impacted by gender-based violence into dynamic organizers and healers who own their power and restore their communities. The training platform is uniquely designed for Black girls, femmes, queer, trans, and gender non conforming folks who have been impacted by gender-based violence, specifically patriarchal and sexual violence, and state violence […]

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Trans Resilience Fund

The Trans Resilience Fund is a special one-time fund to support the trans community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund provides grants of $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000 to nonprofits and grassroots groups serving the trans community in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. The Fund uses a participatory grantmaking model for decision-making through a committee consisting of […]

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The Heal Project

The Heal Project is QTPOC survivor-led organization working to prevent and end child sexual abuse. HP’s work offers rituals and healing practices to address harm due to sexual oppression. It creates spaces where survivors can integrate their consciousness, body, and sexuality that fragmented as a response to CSA trauma. […]

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Organization Latina Trans in Texas

Organization Latina Trans in Texas is one of the only organizations in their area that meets the immediate needs of immigrant survivors that have little access to safety and support. OLTT has created peer-led programming that addresses sexual violence, the trauma and needs of sex workers, and the trauma and needs of HIV-positive trans persons.  […]

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MO Ho Justice

MO Ho Justice Coalition is a statewide coalition based in St. Louis, Missouri. The coalition includes many diverse stakeholders from racial justice organizations such as abolitionist programs, faith-based organizations rooted in womanist commitments, LGBTQI organizations and housing advocacy organizations. […]

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Vida AfroLatina

Vida AfroLatina is an emerging international women’s fund that mobilizes resources and connects them with Afro-descendant women-led organizations in Latin America that address sexual violence. It was built in 2020 to fill a glaring gap in the feminist and human rights funding ecosystems. VidaAfroLatina resources Black and Afro-descendant women in Latin America. […]

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