Grantmaking Approach

Our Approach

Our grantmaking centers the power, voice, and leadership of movements working to end violence, who are best placed to envision and implement solutions that boldly build towards a collective future of abundance, joy, safety, and dignity.

What We Believe

We believe that to achieve this future we must begin by healing from and dismantling the complex and insidious mechanisms of violence, that work to enforce hierarchies and power structures that do not serve us. We believe in eradicating all forms of violence that harm our collective wellbeing, including violence that underpins and upholds white supremacy, patriarchy, and exploitative capitalism.

What We Do

Collective Future Fund is a pooled, collaborative fund made possible by a network of philanthropic allies, and our grantmaking structures and processes are reflective of this collaborative and participatory approach, informed by feminist principles and centered in collective trust and democratic values.

We deploy funds to transformational movements led by survivors, BIPOC women, girls, trans and non-binary people of color across a range of interwoven and mutually reinforcing areas of work, to strengthen these movements and support them as they lay out the path needed to cultivate communities rooted in care and mutuality, build collaborative ecosystems, and have the resources to sustain the fight towards liberation. Grantees we support push for structural change, collective healing, and address the root causes of violence.

We support almost 200 organizations working across and at the intersections of safety, healing, resilience, and resistance in the midst of the pandemics of racial, gender, and economic injustice. In 2020, we also supported COVID-19 relief and mutual aid. As a collaborative fund based in the United States on unceded Indigenous lands, we seek to build solidarity and connections across national borders including with the Global South and Indigenous nations, and occupied island nations including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Strategies We Support:

Our strategies are designed to heal our communities from the legacies of violence to resource leaders closest to the challenges we face, and to mobilize the wider philanthropic and global community in this movement for our future.

Centering the leadership of survivors: The Collective Future Fund prioritizes support for organizations led by and serving survivors, women of color — specifically, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Arab, Asian, and Pacific Islander – queer, transgender, and nonbinary people of color, im/migrants and refugees, and women of color with disabilities. At their core, these organizations are committed to ending gender-based violence and prioritize ending sexual violence, practicing an intersectional analysis that incorporates global feminism and centers survivors.

Power Building: We fund initiatives that support the healing and leadership of BIPOC women, queer, trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary survivors of color in the emerging safety movement to end gender-based violence. CFF prioritizes organizations centering survivors of sexual violence to push for systemic change through organizing, advocacy, and policy change. We also support organizations building and implementing alternatives to mainstream approaches to safety that include transformative and restorative justice practices centering the power of communal relationships.

Solidarity: We support organizations that build solidarity among BIPOC communities, across QTPOC (queer, trans, people of color) communities and movements. CFF recognizes the intersection of many movements that center BIPOC communities, queer, trans, im/migrant, and people with disabilities to increase racial and gender justice. CFF supports survivor-led organizations to share strategies, cultivate partnerships, and support innovations that advance efforts to end gender-based violence.

Voice: We recognize and support the power of voice in systems change, and fund organizations who are growing narrative and cultural power to generate and drive narratives that shift social norms about gender-based violence using tools such as communications, storytelling, and the arts.

If you are a current CFF grantee or are currently applying for a grant and need to reach us, please contact: grants[at]collectivefuturefund[dot]org