The Capitol attack was the continuation of white supremacist violence that women, trans, and nonbinary people of color have faced for centuries

The Collective Future Fund issued the following statement in response to the white supremacist violence and insurrection seen at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th: “The violence and insurrection we saw on Wednesday, January 6th in the U.S. Capitol can be directly traced to the racist and misogynist interpersonal and systemic violence that has targeted

CEO MAGAZINE: Mackenzie Scott donates US$1.7 billion since Bezos divorce

MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, has donated US$1.7 billion to “116 organisations driving change”. MacKenzie Scott, who was MacKenzie Bezos for 16 years before divorcing Jeff Bezos for adultery in 2019 and becoming the third-wealthiest woman in the world largely due to her US$38 billion divorce settlement, has given an

MacKenzie Scott Gifts $5 Million to Collective Future Fund

This week, MacKenzie Scott announced her philanthropic commitment to the Collective Future Fund, as one among 116 organizations to benefit from her Giving Pledge. In response, Aleyamma Mathew, Executive Director of Collective Future Fund, made the following statement:  “The Collective Future Fund is honored to be among the many racial and gender justice organizations to

Announcing Survivor Safety and Support Fund

COVID-19 is exposing long-standing disparities and inequities created by unjust policies and systems that have left communities vulnerable, in spite of powerful mobilizations by grassroots movements. Millions of people who work in essential care and service industries including homecare workers and house cleaners, restaurant, grocery, and delivery workers, and health and child care providers, are