Joining together to heal, resource & mobilize
About Us

Welcome to Collective Future Fund

The Collective Future Fund brings together social justice movements, survivors, and donors to heal, resource, and mobilize to shape a collective future free from sexual harassment and violence. 


Our inaugural grantees are survivor- & women-of-color-led efforts to elevate gender justice in 2020

Just Associates

Convening survivor-focused #metoo organizing efforts in the Global South, with particular focus on movements like South Africa’s #totalshutdown, reflection on the power of political participation through the What Women Want campaign in Zimbabwe, the experiences of garment workers’ and their engagement with the International Labour Organization in Cambodia, and women fighting for democracy and livelihoods in Honduras.

Fund for Trans Generations

Advancing the safety, security and rights of transgender and non-binary communities across the United States through ensuring that frontline trans activists and organizations have the financial resources and engagement needed to advance the safety, security and rights of trans people.

Restoring Justice for Indigenous People

Developing crisis teams to support CA Native and formerly incarcerated women, including providing direct services to families of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Our focus

Collaborative grantmaking

Facilitating philanthropic partners’ work at scale toward a shared vision of safety, equity, and liberation.

Economic justice

Accelerating efforts to end harassment and violence in the workplace, especially in the informal sector where workers lack protections and formal reporting processes. 

Transformative change

Supporting movement leaders to create the laws, policies, practices, and cultural strategies that build accountability, promote women’s and girls’ leadership, and shift power in lasting ways.

Healing justice

Resourcing survivors to thrive in their full power through healing justice, organizing, advocacy, and other approaches that build collective power. 

Racial justice

Centering girls and women of color, Black, Indigenous, and migrant women who are most impacted and who are the leaders of movements to end violence


Transnational movement-building

Creating opportunities for movements in the Global South to build solidarity and exchange strategies, and to build solidarity with and teach U.S./Global North-based organizations