The Capitol attack was the continuation of white supremacist violence that women, trans, and nonbinary people of color have faced for centuries

The Collective Future Fund issued the following statement in response to the white supremacist violence and insurrection seen at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th:

“The violence and insurrection we saw on Wednesday, January 6th in the U.S. Capitol can be directly traced to the racist and misogynist interpersonal and systemic violence that has targeted BIPOC communities, women and trans folks of color for centuries. Organizers on the ground, particularly across the Southern United States, have been sounding the alarm for decades on the conditions that have bred this hate and violence, too often falling on deaf ears. The failure of white leaders to recognize and address those threats, despite concerns being repeatedly raised by BIPOC communities, has undermined our collective democracy and our safety.

January 6th proved that it is possible for white domestic terrorists to walk into the Capitol of the United States of America, to ransack and loot and desecrate the space, and then walk out free, with little to no accountability or consequences. We saw state security officials exercise a level of restraint against largely white, male crowds that was not afforded to those who protested for the lives of Black people, for Indigenous land and water rights, for civil and human rights. 

We stand in solidarity with all those impacted by this domestic terror, and all survivors of white supremacist, racist, gendered violence. We will as always follow the leadership of our allies and partners who are working to guide us towards a future free from all forms of state, community, and interpersonal violence.

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